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Series with Felix that I already saw:

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Saw Felix in the following productions:

English/Chinese title Vietnamese title Brief Description
The Bund - 1980 Bến Thượng Hải per Long's page, Felix appeared as a cameo role in his beginning acting career. I probably have to rewatch this series since I missed that. Shame on me!
The Lonely Hunter - 1981 Sát Thủ Phục Thù Vengeance causes Felix's life to go to so many ups and downs.
The Young Heroes from Shaolin - 1981 Anh Hùng Sức Thiếu Niên Felix played emperor Kin Lung (Càn Long).
The Kung Fu Master from Fat San - 1981 Anh Hùng Phật Sơn Felix belonged to the Red Flower Society during the Ching Dynasty.
Demi-Gods and Semi Devils II - 1982 Thiên Long Bát Bộ Although with a bald head, Felix looked so adorable as a young monk. I was so happy when he had hair at the end and got married to a princess.
The Wild Bunch - 1982 Thập Tam Thái Bảo The ending is one of the most memorable scenes.
The Rollercoaster - 1982 Chuyến Xe Tình Yêu I just saw this series in Dec '01. A simple story line with Felix and Jamie as a compatible on-screen couple. Was there supposed to be a part 2 because the one I watched was called "Rollercoaster I"?
Soldier of Fortune - 1982 Hương Thành Lãng Tử quite a tragedy; most of the excellent series have sad endings, don't they?
Legend of Condor Heroes - 1982-1983 Anh Hùng Xạ Ðiêu considered a TVB masterpiece of all time.
The Foundation - 1983 Quyết Chiến Huyền Võ Môn another production with one of the best love triangles: Felix, Barbara and Miu Kiu Wai.
The Young Wanderer - 1984 Giang Hồ Lãng Tử Felix's role is so hillarious and cute...He's just a care free guy that gets lucky in life.
Sword Stained with Royal Blood - 1984 Bích Huyết Kiếm Felix loved the girl that I don't like.
The Yang's Saga - 1985 Dương Gia Tướng a special edition (TVB Anniversary) with a huge cast. To name a few: Miu Kiu Wai, Felix, Lau Tak Wah, Leung Chiu Wai, Tong Chun Yip, Au Yeung Pai San, Tsang Wah Sin, Chic Mei Chun, Chow Hoi Mei, Yeung Pan Pan, Chow Yan Fat, Man Chi Leung, To Tai Yu, Liu Ka Chi, Chong Ching Yee, Chiu Ngar Chi, Cheung Man Yuk, Lai Hon Chi...
Brothers under the Skin - 1986 Ðồn Giáp Kỵ Binh romance and magics: good ingredients for a successful comedy!
General Father General Son - 1986 Tiết Ðinh San Chinh Tây the 2nd part of the Sit's 3 generations. Check out the screen captures!
A Tough Fight - 1986 Hậu Sanh Khã Qúy I just saw this series for the first time in May 2005 (almost 10 years after it was made). Felix played an average Joe who just goes with the flow in life without any big dreams, and bad things usually happen to good people in this case.
Genghis Khan - 1987 Thành Cát Tư Hãn Felix played Khan's sworn brother, Jak Mok Hup (Trác Mộc Hiệp).
The Grand Canal - 1987 Hoàng Hà Ðại Phong Vân yep, this is another "grand" production from TVB.
Kay Moon Gwai Guk - 1988 Kỳ Môn Qủy Cốc the way Felix died was really "blah" to me.
Yan Hoi Fu Sha - 1988 Thị Trường Chứng Khoán do not really like the actress Pauline, so did not finish the show.
Looking Back in Anger - 1989 Nghiã Bất Dung Tình correct me if I am wrong, this is the most watched TVB series.
Battle of the Hearts - 1989 Cô Gái Trích Tinh would enjoy it more if Betty Mak was not in it.
Kim Mo Duk Ku Kau Pai - 1989 Kiếm Ma Ðộc Cô Cầu Bại great story except the ending, love Felix and Maggie in here.
Heaven's Retribution - 1990 Thiên La Ðịa Võng one of my favorite series of all time.
Silver Tycoon - 1991 Ngân Hồ Về Ðêm it's hard to play a good hero, it's even harder to play a "good" villain. You won't be disappointed at Felix's portrayal as an extremely evil man. Note: he was not bad at the beginning.
All out of Love - 1991 Thiên Ðịa Vô Tình the ending is similar to Heaven's Retribution.
The Tigers - 1991 Ngũ Hổ Tướng together with Andy Law, Michael Miu, Tony Leung and Leung Ka Fai as the top CIDs, but they got corrupted after chasing down Kent Tong. This is a movie.
Racing Peak - 1993 Mã Trường Phong Vân exciting gambling events and interesting characters' analysis.
The Imperial Wanderer - 1993 Mạc Ðại Hoàng Tôn the eternal and unconditional love among Kathy-Felix-Jacqueline would make you use a couple boxes of tissue papers!
Burden of Proof ? another movie with Jessica Hsuan, Felix is a social worker.
Drunken Master - 1994 ? a very good movie with Jackie Chan and Anita mMui
Justice Pao I and II - 1995 Bao Ðại Nhân a complete package: charming, faithful, intelligent and handsome Jin Chiu (Triển Chiêu). What else do you want? :-)
The Criminal Investigator I and II - 1995 Hồ Sơ Tội Phạm Felix depicts an honest, smart and sincere police agent.
Unsual Revenge - 1996 Hành Động Diệt Gọn co-star Monica Chan, this is a movie.
She Was Married to the Mob - 1996 Hiểm Họa Khôn Lường co-star Jessica Hsuan, this is a movie.
? Mối Tình Khó Quên forgot the name of the co-star in this movie, but she played Adam's wife in Gia Cat Luong.
Demi-Gods and Semi Devils - 1996 Thiên Long Bát Bộ one of Felix's most outstanding performances as the hero Kiu Fung.
Secret of the Heart - 1998 Thiên Ðịa Hào Tình I did not finish this series because I lost the ending.
The Flying Fox of the Snowy Mountain - 1999 Tuyết Sơn Phi Hồ stopped watching after Felix and Maggie died.
Time off - 1999 Long Hổ Tranh Hùng according to the Vietnamese translations, the title sounds like an ancient instead of a modern series.
The Kung Fu Master From Guangdong - 1999 Rồng Nam Phượng Bác about the father of Wong Fei Hung (Hoàng Phi Hùng), Wong Kei Ying (Hoàng Kỳ Anh).
Incurable Traits - 1999 Thần Y Hoa Ðà besides Felix's convincing performance, this is a big disappointment, so I stopped watching after the 5th hour.
The Legend of Master Soh - 1999 Tửu Quyền Tô Khất Di a rich snob, a changed man, a beggar then what?
Point of No Return (aka No Choice)- 2000 Ðường Cùng Felix still has the look!
Siu Sup Yat Long - 2001 Tiệu Thập Nhất Lang Felix's character fell in love with a married woman!
Innocently Guilty - 2002 Pháp Nội Tình A convincing, "attitude" but outstanding prosecutor

Series with Felix that I did not see yet:

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Hopefully, I will get to see these soon:

English/Chinese title Vietnamese title Brief Description
Misadventure of Zoo - 1980 Hoàng Đế Lưu Manh ?
Come Rain Come Shine - 1981 Trời Năng Trời Mưa ?
Mad, mad 83 - 1983