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felix01 (5K)

-01/06: screen captures of General Father General Son.
-2/05: revamped the site
-11/01: started designing this site

Hello There!

Thank you for visiting this site. I have much fun designing it for my favorite actor - Felix Wong - and others stars. Please take a moment to sign the guestbook or email me. Your input is important; all the compliments will be taken seriously while the negative comments will be ignored (J/K). I will constantly update the contents, so do come back frequently.

***Special notes: If you would like use any materials from this site, email me first because this is just common web's etiquette! I spent so much time scanning, capturing and editing images, thus it would be nice seeing my name/website achieving some type of credits somewhere out there. :-)

***Please do not link any materials/images directly from this site to any site/forum due to bandwidth problem. Some of the pages might be slow due to the amount of many pics; be patient and click refresh/reload if necessary.

Thanks to ImageShack and Yahoo for hosting many images on this site.

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*This is a non-commercial website, and the main purpose is to share thoughts and inspirations of Felix's and other stars' works with the fans. The presented materials are not meant to infringe any trademarks or copyrighted works.

*All images are scanned/captured by Ngoc unless indicated otherwise.

*Links/Credits are given to images that are found from other websites and belong to the respective owners, productions and magazines, etc...However, there are cases that I could not remember the sources due to the materials were gathered over many years, so please do not feel offended. Thank you for understanding.

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