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The Young Heroes from Shaolin
(Anh Hùng Sức Thiếu Niên)

A TVB production - 1981 (Posted 05/21/02)
English/Chinese name Vietnamese name Role
Felix Wong Yat Wah Huỳnh Nhật Hòa Càn Long
Suzanne Au Yeung Pai San Âu Dương Phối San Lãnh Thúy
Miu Kiu Wai Miêu Kiều Vĩ Hồ Huệ Càng
Sak Sau Thạch Tú Hồng Hy Quan
Dong Wai Đổng Oai Phương Thế Ngọc

I saw this series quite a while ago, so I did not remember much about the details. The storyline revolves around friendships among three guys with different backgrounds yet share the passion for kungfu (well, kinda for a couple of them :-)). They also get acquaintance with the undercover king.

Anyway, the series survives due to the strong, young and beautiful cast. You can clearly see that Sak Sau is the senior actor who's guiding new comers like Felix, Miu, Dong Wai and Andy. Felix portrays a young version of Càn Long, and he is playful and definitely a womanizer!

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