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felix02 (10K)

Most of the pictures/images are from my long time collections since the late 80's or from other fans' websites.


I first saw Felix in The Grand Canal and immediately fell in love with this actor despite his role was a villain. At the beginning of this series, I was attracted to his mo hup character and his physical appearance: who can forget how good looking he is in that wonderful white costume with the blue scarf on his hair? Do not get me wrong here, he looks really manly in the series. Forgive me for being a little cheesy!

Anyway, back to the main reason why I "fell in love" with Felix at first sight! Towards the end of the series, Felix turns out to be the antagonist. I was amazed by his acting skills. Wow, this guy did a good job at deceiving the audience: he turns out to be so bad and evil that you want to break the TV and choke him with your own hands!

I did not break the TV because I need it to watch more of Felix's series. Many years have gone by since that initial "crush," Felix will always be my number one actor due to his impressive talents. Also, I remember Ben Stiller's remarks in Something about Mary: "...a crush does not last for ten years, does it?" Trust me, my crush for Felix lasts for more than ten years already!

Thank you so much to my friends Ðào and Phối - who sent the stars' pics to me all the way from Vietnam - and to all the web designers - who share their precious collections with me.

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