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Demi-Gods and Semi Devils II
(Thiên Long Bát Bộ)

A TVB production - 1982 (Posted 02/20/05)
English/Chinese name Vietnamese name Role
Felix Wong Yat Wah Huỳnh Nhật Hòa Hư Trúc
Kent Tong Thang Trấn Nghiệp Đoàn Dự
Sak Sau Thạch Tú Mộ Dung Phục
Idy Chan Trần Ngọc Liên Vương Ngọc Yến
Patrick Tse Tạ Hiền Đoàn Chánh Thuần
Leung Ka Yan Lương Khả Dân Kiều Phong

I really do not want to sound like a broken record on the plot of any series that Long already did a superb job in describing the details at his website. There are elements in this production that could be better, yet it is still a success.

Felix Wong Yat Wah as Hư Trúc:
Image Hosted by So, how many of us know any monk who has committed all of the "forbidden" sins like this character? Although some of his acts are totally "innocent" and unintentional, he can still be "fried" if he exists in this modern life where people can condemn and sue like they do to the Catholic Diocese nowadays!
Felix excelled his performance as a confused and cute monk that we all fall in love with. There are moments that his character feels ashamed, guilty and confused, and Felix is able to pull through all of the scenes, considering he was quite a TVB rookie at that time. I can't help liking it when he keeps rubbing his bold head in circles when he's completely lost it!

Leung Ka Yan as Kiều Phong:
Image Hosted by You can't really go wrong portraying this honorable character. Leung Ka Yan is a great actor that I like very much. He did an awesome job, yet there were times I do not see enough sadness in his eyes to demonstrate the tragedy in Kiều Phong's life.

Kent Tong as Đoàn Dự:
Image Hosted by Kent never really impressed me in any role, so it is the same case here. I do not feel the presence of the fresh prince, and I know it's hard to believe me saying this, but I do prefer Benny Chan in this role.

Sak Sau as Mộ Dung Phục:
Image Hosted by I find Sak Sau's die-hard fans along with those who cannot stand him at all, which is kinda odd! I have always liked him but cannot consider myself a true did-hard fan. In this series, Sak Sau successfully illustrates the dashing and ambitious young man who chooses to pursue his family's deeds as opposing to settle down with the love of his life. To me, this character is as equally tragic as Kiều Phong due to the family's pressure and secrets. Also, losing such a precious lady to somebody that she did not originally care for is quite painful.

Idy Chan as Vương Ngọc Yến:
Image Hosted by Idy is able to convince the audience with her soft beauty as the weak but stubborn lady that insists on falling in love to the wrong man for a long time. I have to admire her fidelity, but come on, how many times do I have to slap her and wake her up from all the delusions? Although Đoàn Dự loves her unconditionally, I have a hard time accepting him with her because he does not seem to be strong enough to protect her. Maybe the novel (that I did not read yet) did a better job in describing their love because, personally, I do not see a match in this couple.

Most memorable part:
Many! However, here are just a few:
*Hư Trúc discovered his identity in front of Thiếu Lâm Tự. The tension made me nervous and excited. Then, both Kiều Phong and Mộ Dung Phục's fathers were still alive and added more drama into the situation...I love this part!
*Kiều Phong erroneously killed his lover; it's hard to stop the tears from rolling (I actually enjoy this scene in the latter version where Felix is Kiều Phong).
*Vương Ngọc Yến attempted to kill herself, and Đoàn Dự jumped into the well with her. At this moment, she realized how much he had been loving her and would do anything to be with her. sweet and romantic!

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