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Way of No Return or No Choice - Ðường Cùng

1999-2000 (Review posted 02/18/02)
English/Chinese name Vietnamese name Role
Felix Wong Yat Wah Huỳnh Nhật Hòa Giang Khải Hoa
Deric Wan Ôn Thiện Luân Lưu Gia Nghi
? Mai Ðình Chúc Tiểu Mẫn
? ? Lưu Gia Huy (Nghi's brother)
? ? Giang Tử Vy (Hoa's sister)
? ? Triệu Uyển Nhi
? ? Ðinh Linh (Mẫn's cousin)
? ? Thục Trinh

love interest

Some similar points to Threshold of an Era (Thời Ðại Khủng Hoảng):
  1. Childhood friends (Felix and Deric - Gallen and Sunny) become enemies.
  2. Younger brother (Gia Huy - Louis) revenges for his older brother due to some misunderstandings.
  3. Somebody in the series loses memory (Felix - Ada).
  • The plot:

    Hoa, Vy, Nghi and Huy are very close to each other since they were little. Hoa and Nghi operate a company together, and Nghi accidentally involves in some illegal activities. He is later arrested while Hoa is stuck in Malaysia during a business trip. Upon learning the bad news, Hoa rushed back to Hong Kong to help Nghi. Unfortunately, his plane crashes on the way, and Hoa loses his memory.

    During the time that Nghi is in jail, Hoa cannot remember the past. He breaks up with his long time girlfriend/fiance (Triệu Uyển Nhi) because he does not want to become her burden. He later falls in love with Tiểu Mẫn, a young and successful career woman, without knowing that Uyển Nhi is suffering lung cancer.

    Once Nghi regains his freedom, he really hates Hoa and vows to revenge. He dies in a car accident but has enough time to whisper into his younger brother's ears (Huy): "Revenge Hoa for me; he's the cause of my death." After reading all of Nghi's diary, Huy determines to plot vengeance on Hoa. He pretends to love Tử Vy (Hoa's sister) although he's still in love with his ex-girlfriend, Thục Trinh.

    After an electrical shock, Hoa regains his memory. Now he faces a major difficult choice: present (Chúc Tiểu Mẫn) or past (Uyển Nhi) lover?

    Huy hires people to kidnap both Hoa and Tiểu Mẫn. During this dangerous moment, Hoa and Tiểu Mẫn confirm the love to each other. The hitmen release Hoa while keeping Tiểu Mẫn hostage. Hoa has to sell all of his stocks for the ransom money. Thus, Huy gains full control of the company, and the first thing he must do is to fire Hoa.

    Everybody now recognizes Huy's evil intentions, except our idiotic Tử Vy. Hoa becomes really depressed, but both Tiểu Mẫn and Uyển Nhi are always there to support him. He then starts a small business. At this same time, the doctor announces Uyển Nhi's cancer is in the terminal stage. Tiểu Mẫn decides to leave and asks Hoa to take care of Uyển Nhi. She said, "When you love somebody, you don't need to be together with that person. You only need to know that your lover is happy." Hoa later gets married to Uyển Nhi.

    Huy gets so furious that Hoa can get back on his feet in such a short period of time. In the meantime, Huy is kicked off the company by his own enemy; he loses everything and hates Hoa even more. He fakes his own death and frames Tiểu Mẫn for the murder.

    • What's the ending for Huy and Vy?
    • Will Tiểu Mẫn and Hoa ever get together?

  • Felix's character/Giang Khải Hoa:
    • Honest, hard-working, generous with friends, very gullible.
    • Once in love, he's deeply in love!
    • Too many girls fall in love with him (lucky duck!):
      1. Triệu Uyển Nhi: his long time girlfriend who is also his fiance before he loses his memory. She takes care of him the whole time he's sick, then he breaks up with her when he could not remember who she is. She still loves him and does not complain a word once he decides to fall in love with another woman, Chúc Tiểu Mẫn.
      2. Chúc Tiểu Mẫn: breaks up with her current boyfriend after realizing that she falls for Khải Hoa.
      3. Ðinh Linh: same as Chúc Tiểu Mẫn!

  • Most annoying character: Giang Tử Vy (Hoa's sister)
    • Easily falls in love, easily changes mind.
    • She was about to run away with Gia Huy when they were 17; however, her mother disapproved it, so she left the guy waiting outside all night!
    • She later fell in love with Gia Nghi when he was in jail.
    • After Gia Nghi died, she immediately fell in love with Gia Huy again. Grr, can this woman make up her mind?
    • Selfish: false witness against Chúc Tiểu Mẫn.
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