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Donald Chow, Miu Kiu Wai and Michelle Mei Suet were in the old 1980's version, but do not expect this series to have the same story line. I mean, the plot is 100% different.

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The Legend of Master Soh - Tửu Quyền Tô Khất Di

AVE production - 1999 (Posted 04/25/02)
English/Chinese name Vietnamese name Role
Felix Wong Yat Wah Huỳnh Nhật Hòa Tô Sáng
Ruby Lin Lâm Tâm Như Hồng ỹ Liên
? Liên Khải Thiết Kiều Tam

  • The plot:

    Tô Sáng was the "leader" in the family: he ran the business at the wine cellar, and his mother always turned to him for any important decision. Being rich, spoiled, smart, talented and having good martial art skills, Tô Sáng was quite arrogant and strict with the workers; however, he had no problem defending the weak villagers from the gangs. He also thought highly of himself, too high that sometimes his personality crashed with ỹ Liên's. She was his childhood girlfriend. She studied abroad, so she was very liberal while he was still a traditional Asian man. Although they loved each other, they often fought due to different view points. ỹ Liên honestly criticized Tô Sáng's rotten attitude hoping that he would change. I forgot what happened, but they broke up in the middle of the series.

    ỹ Liên befriended with Thiết Kiều Tam, a hardworking, tenacious and ambitious young man. Tô Sáng looked down on Thiết Kiều Tam and was not really wild about the friendship of those two.

    Tô Sáng's younger sister and a worker fell in love, but being domineering as usual, Tô Sáng strongly opposed their love. The couple managed to escape; however, his worker overheard a group plotting on acquiring Tô Sáng's business; unfortunately, he got killed before he could deliver the news to Tô Sáng. His sister became blind during the chase. After this tragic event, Tô Sáng changed to become a kinder person. He regretted his interference, so he decided to bring the worker's corpse back to his hometown.

    During his departure, the bad group - that Thiết Kiều Tam currently worked for - succeeded his family business. Tô Sáng had to start from scratch upon the return, but it was too late. At this time, ỹ Liên also realized that he had become a nicer and more considerate man. After the death of the sister, he totally collapsed. With the help of his father (who left the family years ago to learn martial arts), Tô Sáng regained his confidence by learning the "drunk" kung-fu. Luckily, Thiết Kiều Tam also woke up from serving an evil leader, he collaborated with Tô Sáng and defeated this triad. Tô Sáng travelled around to expand his skills and help others, and ỹ Liên was confident that she could wait and reunite with him to say the three little words: "I love you!"
  • Likes:
    • Wonderful fightings and beautiful sceneries
    • Felix's performance (as usual): he was sucessful in portraying different personality at various stages
    • Ruby looks very cute. I always like her dimples
  • Dislikes:
    • Everything was rushed in the last hour
    • Abrubt ending
    • Storyline and characters could be further elaborated
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