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Email me if you would like your URL to be added on this page since I am pretty sure that I might have missed many cool sites out there.


Felix Wong Yat Wah (Huỳnh Nhật Hòa)
Felix Wong Yat Wah's page in Chinese: a very new site for Felix with many rare pictures
Felix Wong Yat Wah's Ancient Series: Long's extensive reviews and interesting history background of Felix's ancient series
The Chamber of Dragonmaster Felix Wong: features other popular stars, too.
Rolnah's collection of Felix's pictures: awesome page with many recent pictures
Destiny Super Star: has some rare images of Felix Beautiful Asian Celebrities: collection of many famous stars

Discussion Forum
Felix Wong Yat Wah Discussion Forum: Let's talk about Felix here!
SPCNET Message Forum: also features hot reviews on the main page
Old TV Discussion Forum: Great place to chat to the golden era's fans
HKPOP Discussion Forums : Need to find a star's forum?

Other wonderful sites
CC's Hideaway: Clair's clever writings and frequent updates would make you coming back to her page.
E-Buzz : Serial Database: not just about entertainment; you can also find interesting sites about books, stories, albums, articles of some very popular and talented Chinese stars.
Peter Fong's TVB Reviews: reviews and nice pictures
A Journey Through TVB: concentrates on Hong Kong TVB series
Stars from the 80's and Favorite TV Series and Artists from the 80's: the golden era of TV series
The Condor Heroes Trilogy Zone: covers the famous trilogy: Legend of The Condor Heroes (LOCH), Return of The Condor Heroes (ROCH), and Heaven Sword & Dragon Sabre (HSDS)
Ancient series library: as you can tell, Long is a fanatic of ancient series
Điện ảnh Forum: many great pictures of the Five Tigers, a must visit page

TVB themesongs: MP3, musics, popstars
TVB themesongs by Canuck: extensive collections of series musics

Other frequent links

Thanks to ImageShack and Yahoo for hosting many images on this site.

Michael Miu Kiu Wai: awesome site by Yee Wun Cruise around for Tom :-)
The Matthew McConaughey Web Site: ahh!!! another hunk! latest info on Brad

TVBspace News Roundup: Em is nice enough to translate tons of entertainment news (almost daily)!
Yahoo! Photos: to upload photos info about the popular TV series and its spin offs
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: my favorite L&O.
The Phantom of the Opera: e-text of this classic masterpiece

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