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Silver Tycoon
(Ngân Hồ Về Ðêm)

ATV production - 1991 (Posted 04/08/02)
English/Chinese name Vietnamese name Role
Felix Wong Yat Wah Huỳnh Nhật Hòa Ðoạn Thiệu Tường
Margie Tsang Tăng Hoa Thiên Bạch Linh
Christine Ng Ngũ Vịnh My Giang Như Ngọc
Erica Choi Thái Hiểu Nhi Tích Mai
Jackie Lui Lữ Tụng Hiền Tống Thục Hiền
Kwong Wah Giang Hoa Tống Trọng Hiền
Sunny Fang Kang ? Tống Học Lễ
Sunny Chan Trần Cẩm Hồng Ðoạn Hàng Thái

  • The plot:
    I consider "Silver Tycoon" as one of ATV's few good series. You could find the elements of anger, betrayal, vengeance and confusion in this series. It started out really interesting, but I was kinda disappointed at the last part due to a loosely written ending.

    Ðoạn Thiệu Tường was a very successful and rich businessman who always wanted to extend his family business in the film industry, and Bạch Linh was just an average girl who had a major crush on him.

    During a trip to China, Thiệu Tường was deceived by his friend (Học Lễ), who stole all the money and even his fiance (Tích Mai)!

    Thiệu Tường came back to Hong Kong vowing to make even with Học Lễ's family despite the fact that he was very close to Học Lễ's second son, Tống Thục Hiền. His plan was successful with the help of a new friend, Giang Như Ngọc.

    Everything went great for Thiệu Tường -- he became a powerful man again; he dated the beautiful Bạch Linh, who was then a popular actress; his enemies were destroyed, and he reunited with his mother -- until everybody discovered all of his evil acts in achieving his ultimate vengeance. Nobody supported him anymore: he was betrayed by his employees; was not loved by Bạch Linh (she fell in love with Thục Hiền instead), and distrusted by his mother, etc..... and his fate was finally in the hands of ......

  • The characters:
    • Ðoạn Thiệu Tường:
      nhvd_158 (Felix Wong) Initially, he was an ideal man that every girl could dream of: successful, rich, cute, young and handsome. Sadly, he turned out to be the most evil man on earth, and he would not stop at anything until his enemies suffered ten times more than what they did to him. I sympathized when he was miserable and would support his vengeful plan only if he carried it out in a real competitive business world (he tried it, but it did not work), so he did it in a bitter fashion, and it was the main reason that Bạch Linh stopped loving him.

      The turning point of his character:
      He was listening to a story teller on the street, and he offered the old man 10 dollars for the story of the devious Cao Cao (Tào Tháo) -- who never forgave or trusted anybody completely. Thiệu Tường admired Cao Cao's philosophy. Once the story teller finished, Thiệu Tường threw out a dime and told the man that he only promised 10 cents instead of 10 dollars: he practiced Cao Cao's conniving personality immediately after listening to the story. From that point on, he was not the same sincere person anymore.

      Felix as Ðoạn Thiệu Tường:
      This brings back the memory of the character Lý Mật in The Grand Canal. Felix did an outstanding job in portraying a villain. You really want to hurt him! He looked decent in this hairstyle. I think it was interesting that he later actually played the role Cao Cao in TVB series Incurable Traits (Thần Y Hoa Ðà).

    • Bạch Linh:
      nhvd_153 (Margie Tsang) Innocent and happy. Her love towards Thiệu Tường would never stop until he totally disappointed her. The world seemed to end on the day she discovered that he was a conniving man. I can't really blame her. Who would want to live with a scheming person like that?

      Margie as Bạch Linh:
      Cute, cute, and cute....I always want to see Felix and Margie as a couple. They are so adorable together, and they have many good scenes when they were dating. Sadly, this is not a happy ending for them. Usually, the girl who suppported the guy during his hardship stayed with him til the end, it's not happening in this case. She looks compatible with Jackie Lui as well.

    • Giang Như Ngọc:
      Sexy and ambitious, a major partner in crime. She's the only person who assisted and understood Thiệu Tường thoroughly, and she was willing to do anything for him although they were never romantically involved.

      Christine as Giang Như Ngọc:
      Forget about the country and conservative girl in Heaven's Retribution and Cold Blood Warm Heart, respectively. Christine shined as the attractive Giang Như Ngọc. Her eyes, her voice, her walk, and her actions flirted with men in every possible way.

    • Tích Mai:
      Unfaithful and easily manipulated. She fell for Học Lễ (who also happened to be her brother-in-law) immediately after hearing the news that Thiệu Tường was dead. When she realized that he was still alive, she left him the second time since she could not endure a life in poverty. She came back to Học Lễ and got married to him! However, as soon as Thiệu Tường got back on his feet, she wanted to return to him. What kind of woman is that?

      Erica as Tích Mai:
      She could be pretty in some scenes but not all the time. This was the first series that I saw this actress. Her acting was a little stiff, but overall, she was able to bring out the confused, coward, materialistic and greedy character.

    • Tống Thục Hiền (Học Lễ's second son):
      Honest and helpful to his friends. He did not agree on his father and brother's deeds, but he did not try hard enough to stop them. He loved Bạch Linh but did not tell her until it was too late.

      Jackie as Tống Thục Hiền:
      Young and nice looking man, but Jackie's facial expressions were unchanged in different situation. For some reason, I kept mistaking him as Sunny.

    • Tống Trọng Hiền (Học Lễ's oldest son):
      Loyal to his father and the love of his life, Giang Như Ngọc. He obeyed and respected his father in any circumstance until Học Lễ had an eye on the woman he loved. You got to watch the part that she interfered his father-son relationship: it was one of many excited twists.

      Kwong Wah as Tống Trọng Hiền:
      He did a fine job of being a semi-evil guy. I've never seen him in this type of role before this series. His death scene reminded me the one of Hứa Văn Cường's in The Bund.

    • Tống Học Lễ:
      One word to best describe this guy: scum! He stole his friend's money (the friend that helped him whenever he needed). He had three grown up children, and his wife was still alive, but he greedily courted her sister - Tích Mai - to be his second wife. Did he stop here? Nope, he was then attracted to Giang Như Ngọc and deliberately married her as the third wife although his oldest son (Trọng Hiền) was madly in love with her.

      They chose a perfect actor for this evil role, and he gave a stellar performance as the scummiest guy on earth. I found no flaw in his acting; unfortunately, he's stuck playing this only type of role, which I don't think many fans would be wild about.

    • Ðoạn Hàng Thái:
      He was Thiệu Tường's cousin. His personality was pretty similar to Thục Hiền's. He witnessed his father's avarice, and he did not fight hard enough to convince his dad to return the money to Thiệu Tường. He had a crush on Học Lễ's daughter and did not have the nerve to tell her either.

      Sunny as Ðoạn Hàng Thái:
      Not sure if this was his first role on television, but his fresh look did get my attention. It's interesting to see him portraying a semi-villain in At the Threshold of an Era about a decade later.

  • Some exciting parts:
    • Step-by-step, Thiệu Tường carried out his vengeful plan: pretty meticulous, mean, and intelligent.
    • The struggle of Học Lễ and Trọng Hiền over Như Ngọc.
    • The series did not only concentrate on Thiệu Tường's personal dilemma, it described a vivid picture of the artists' life in the film industry, and the tensions they faced behind the silver screen.
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