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Donald Chow (Châu Nhuận Phát)

    • Birthdate: 05/18/55 on Lamma Island (Year of the Goat)
    • "The God of Actors"
    • He answered for a TVB ad in 1973
    • First saw Donald in The Bund (Máu Nhuộm Bến Thượng Hải) as Hứa Văn Cường, the role that made him famous.
    • Another memorable role was Tô Sáng in Legend of Master Soh (Tửu Quyền Tô Khất Di).
    • My favorite series of Donald is Police Cadet (Cảnh Sát Mới Ra Trường).
    • With that tall feature, Donald looked great with any actress.

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