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-Carol Cheng

Dodo Cheng Yu-ling(Trịnh Du Linh)

    • Birthdate: 09/09/57
    • Joined TVB in 1978
    • Do Do means “fat fat”
    • Her father was a veteran actor, Sai Gwa Pao
    • First saw Dodo in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Người Trong Lưới) along with Donald Chow/Châu Nhuận Phát. I then saw a bunch of her series with Alex Man/Vạn Tử Lương. Those were all good old well written scripts that the new series miss nowadays.
    • My favorite Dodo's series: She played Hân Tố Tố in the Heaven Sword Dragon Sable 1985 (Cô Gái Đồ Long) and paired up with Simon Yam/Nhâm Đạt Hoa.
    • She acquired the title – “Miss Cheng of Nine Movies” in 1988 and won the Golden Horse Best Actress award for Moon, Sun and Stars.

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