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Priceless Love
(Tình Nghĩa Vô Giá)

Taiwanese - 1988 (Posted 04/01/02)
English/Chinese name Vietnamese name Role
Jamie Chic Thích Mỹ Trân Hà Vũ Thanh
? Trương Thần Quang Vĩ Khang
? ? Chung Khải Cường
? ? Vĩ Vân
? ? Chung Khải Nguyệt

love interest

  • General comments:
    If you are looking for a complicated love story, then watch Priceless Love. It's a Taiwanese series, but I promise there is not much crying; however, you will spend 95% of the time trying to figure out who loves whom at different point of the film! :-)
    I think the title is quite appropriate (both in English and Vietnamese): there were some crosspoints in their love interest, but the characters "seem" to always extend their priceless love to each other as well.
    I enjoyed the series because I like Jamie and the Taiwanese actor Trương Thần Quang. Like usual, Jamie looked so dazzling; she had curly hair and wore big earing (yeah, singular because most of the time, she only wore it on one side). It's not too hard to figure out that white is her favorite color since her fans will see her in many different white outfits.

  • The characters:
    • Hà Vũ Thanh:
      As a dancer, she did not let anybody to look down or abuse her; she could be strong in any situation except her love life. Ironically, her strength was the reason that both men, Vĩ Khang and Khải Cường, to fall in love with her. The problem was she loved both of them, too, and she could not make up her mind! She loved Vĩ Khang because he was loyal and brave enough to forgive her father's act, and she loved Khải Cường because this guy was too kind.
    • Vĩ Khang:
      I like this character. You cannot find any worker who's more loyal than Vĩ Khang. Once somebody helped him, he would devote all of his life obeying that person's command. He could give up everything except his love to Vũ Thanh. That just proved how much he loved her despite the fact that his father was killed by hers.
    • Chung Khải Cường:
      Too spoiled by his grandmother, but he did not turn out to be a brat at all. He had such a sweet heart, and he loved everybody: his grandma, aunt, uncle, cousin, even Vĩ Khang, Vũ Thanh and ummm.... Vĩ Vân. This is when he ran into the problem: he asked Vĩ Vân to marry him, but also bought the second ring to give to Vũ Thanh! This act really shocked Vũ Thanh and prevented her from accepting Vĩ Khang's proposal, especially right after Khải Cường became paralyzed from a car accident.
    • Vĩ Vân (Vĩ Khang's younger sister):
      She's the opposite of Vũ Thanh. Due to the problem with her legs, she was often weak (both physically and spiritually). She always thought that she was not good enough for Khải Cường, and she knew so well that his love for her was just out of pitiness.
    • Chung Khải Nguyệt (Khải Cường's cousin):
      My least favorite character although she sacrificed her life for Vĩ Khang at the end.

  • A little rambling: actually, my least favorite character was Khải Cường's grandmother. She was a very good looking old lady, and there was nothing wrong for loving her grandson. However, she always involved in everybody's business and expressed her opinions in everything! That got on my nerves! She hated her daughter-in-law (Khải Nguyệt's mother) and hired private investigator to investigate her past. This led to the death of both Vĩ Khang and Vũ Thanh's fathers. Then she kept changing her mind about whom her grandkids should love throughout the whole series. Have you ever watched the American sit-com Everybody Loves Raymond where one son was loved more than the other? In this case, she never loved her younger son (Khải Nguyệt's father) although he did everything in his power to please her and to protect the family's business.

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