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Love Cycle - Phụ Tử Thời Đại

TVB production - 1994 (Posted 06/21/03)
English/Chinese name Vietnamese name Role
Felix Wong Yat Wah Huỳnh Nhật Hòa ?
Noelle Leung Lương Tiểu Băng ?
? Mạc Thiếu Thông ?

Posted by Caitlyn at
Date: Friday, 20 June 2003, at 9:23 p.m.

Felix on the role
Low educated, scruffy, partly deaf, intellectually slow, naive, humble and honest, a guy with a lot of strength but little brains. His trademark "hero" image is much tarnished by this role, nonetheless a convincing performace. His character is killed off early on, yet his presence seems to always eerily loom in the background throughout the remaining of the film.

Felix was desperately in love with sweet, innocent Noelle. But of course, with his qualities, he was hardly a girl magnet. In the beginning of the film I can't remember the film letting us know that he raped her (am I wrong?) Anyway, she becomes pregnant by him. But immediately after giving birth she abandons them. Can't remember how Felix dies, but he was very much respected by his little boy and bestfriend Mach T.T who was later left to raise the child alone. Noelle comes back years later, now married to a rich man and she wants her son back. The film is hurled into lengthy custody court battles. When she is obviously on the losing side, she finally reveals the ugly reason for her leaving. I actually can remember this being the film's most climatic momment and was completely shocked. It was also the turning point. Because Noelle was initially played out to be the hateful character and Felix was the 'poor bloke'.

As things progress, Mach and his foster son start to warm to her. In the meantime, her marriage also starts to break down as the true face of her husband emerges from under his 'perfect' mask. Fastforwarding...Noelle and Mach will fall in love, and with boy, makes a family of 3.

Watch it or leave it
Felix was just there to start to film off. I don't mind seeing him playing non-leading roles, but this was hardly a memorable character. Anyone could have played this role. This film was draggy at times, and not really a Felix film, but was an acceptable viewing overall. A double portrait of heartwarming father and son relationship and a woman's struggle to face her past and battle with the present.

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