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Love in a Dream - Mối Tình Trong Mộng

Taiwanese - 2002 (Posted 03/02/02)
English/Chinese name Vietnamese name Role
Canti Lau Lưu Tích Minh Trương Dục Nhân
? Từ Thiện Ni Châu Tư Giai
? ? Thái Xuân Lâm
? ? Châu Thiên Ái
? ? Lâm Vĩ Quần
? ? Châu Thiên Thiên
? ? Trương Dục Tú

love interest

  • General comments:
    Are you in the mood for some "cheesy" love stories? Then tune in this series. As the title states, everybody's love is in a dream. What I like about it is that it emphasizes on family's love besides lovers' love. The relationship among the three sisters (Châu Tư Giai, Châu Thiên Ái, and Châu Thiên Thiên) is very respectful. It also gives time for the characters' development, and the audience has a chance to get to know them and understand their dilemma in life. Most of the characters were once loved before, were later deeply hurt by their first love, then were scared to fall in love again.

  • The characters:

    Trương Dục Nhân:
    mttm_1 (Truong Duc Nhan/Canti Lau/Luu Tich Minh) His first marriage was arranged by his parents: his wife never loved him, and she wanted a divorce once she fell in love with another man. He made a mistake by not letting her go. After she died from a car accident, his conscience could never forgive him about that. A year later, he made another mistake: falling in love with two girls (Tư Giai and Thiên Ái) at the same time without knowing that they were sisters. Throughout the series, he was torn between these two wonderful women, but I was glad that he could make up his mind quickly. He loved Tư Giai because he found a safe heaven; she treated him as a normal person instead of as a famous professor/writer, so their love was pure and simple. He loved Thiên Ái due to her sweetness and understanding; she respected him, but he felt like he's not good enough for her. The audience would either like him or hate him. Well, his biggest "flaw" was being too nice. He let the woman he loved walking away with another man just because he did not want to pressure or cause her additional pains. That was very noble of him; however, was that act justified, or should he fight for his own happiness? You decide it, then.
    Kudos to Canti Lau/Lưu Tích Minh who still looked very fine! I haven't seen him for about 5 years. I also enjoyed his great performance.

    Châu Tư Giai:
    mttm_2 (Chau Tu Giai) As a person who had the gut to love and to hate, she was pregnant at age 18 with her first lover. She almost killed herself over this; however, her mother encouraged her to move on. Then the baby was given away, so she always felt guilty of not being a responsible parent. She did not have much luck with the second lover either: he cheated on her after they were engaged. Throughout so many obstacles in love, she became a strong and independent woman and was very hesistant in falling in love again. After meeting Dục Nhân, she found the ideal man but became devastated upon learning that her younger sister also fell for him. This actress reminded me of the deceased Vietnamese singer Ngọc Lan.

    Thái Xuân Lâm:
    He was a romantic and emotional artist. As the lover of Trương Dục Nhân's ex-wife, he detested Dục Nhân since he indirectly caused her death. He later had feelings for Thiên Ái knowing that part of her would always love Dục Nhân.

    Châu Thiên Ái:
    Being the second daughter in the family, she faced the pressure of not being beautiful as her older sister or not being cute as her younger sister; however, she was not jealous of them; she was still a nice and sweet young lady who always wanted to please everyone. She loved Dục Nhân but honored his decision for choosing her older sister. When Xuân Lâm proclaimed his intention to her, she was not sure whether she could fall in love again.

    Lâm Vĩ Quần:
    He was so determined that he would only get married to Tư Giai in his lifetime, but she never gave him a chance. She could not confront him since his older brother (her first boyfriend in her teens) tremendously hurted her. On the other hand, he treated Thiên Thiên as a sister although she was crazy about him.

    Châu Thiên Thiên:
    This was my favorite character of the series. She was the youngest, cutest and most sociable girl in the Chaus. This girl could be optmistic in any situation, and she could not stay mad at anybody for a long time. Besides, she was very honest about her feelings and her thoughts. After discovering that she was only a half-sister to Tư Giai and Thiên Ái, she became depressed but later realized that their sisters' relationship was so perfect. Her love towards Vĩ Quần was unconditional. This actress had many features of Sheren Tang/Ðặng Túy Vân.

    Trương Dục Tú:
    I found her as the most annoying character although she was not a completely evil person. Her nose was in everybody's business, and she could never keep a secret. This character did not think before she talked; she deliberately said something to hurt others' feelings, then later apologized. I cannot stand that! She's kinda weird in some instances.

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