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Spirit of Revenge
(Cành Hoa Bất Tử)

AVE production - 2001 (Posted 01/15/02)
English/Chinese name Vietnamese name Role
Kenny Ho Hà Gia Kính Hào Vũ Kiệt
? ? Châu Hạ Băng
? ? Thẩm Bảo Vy
? ? Châu Ðoãn Sanh
? ? Tô Nhật Khanh
? ? Thẩm Triệu Khang

Love triangle: Hạ Băng---Vũ Kiệt---Bảo Vy

  • Besides Kenny Ho, I don't know the names of any of the stars. However, you won't be disappointed at this series because the cast did an outstanding job, and the storyline is unusual with some interesting twists.
  • Plot: Under fake identity, Châu Ðoãn Sanh and his daughter (Châu Hạ Băng) returned to Shanghai with a meticulous plan to revenge the tycoon Thẩm Triệu Khang's family.

    Twenty years ago, Triệu Khang's wife (Tô Nhật Khanh) fell in love with Ðoãn Sanh - an actor - and had a daughter with him. However, she chose a rich life by staying married to Triệu Khang instead of running away with Ðoãn Sanh. She even pushed him off the wall then Triệu Khang chased him and the little girl to the river bank. Ðoãn Sanh was shot in the spine, and Hạ Băng's face was disfigured. Luckily, they survived and came to the US to have plastic surgery.

    Hào Vũ Kiệt fell in love with the innocent Thẩm Bảo Vy (Triệu Khang's outlaw daughter), but he also hated Triệu Khang since he indirectly killed Vũ Kiệt's father in order to control all of Shanghai business. Ðoãn Sanh and Hạ Băng successfully convinced Vũ Kiệt to be a part of the vengeance. Vũ Kiệt and Hạ Băng gradually gained Triệu Khang's confidence and were able to take him down. During the time working together, Vũ Kiệt and Hạ Băng had feelings for each other, but they could not declare their love because Vũ Kiệt was already engaged to Bảo Vy.

    The sweet Bảo Vy vowed to revenge when she discovered that her fiance and Hạ Băng played major role in her family's destruction.

    So, who ends up with whom; who is dead, and who is alive? Which girl did Vũ Kiệt choose? I would like to save the best part for you to unveil!

  • What's the message from this series?
    Revenge is meaningless. All you do is to hurt yourself and the people you love. By the time you destroy your enemy and achieve your goal, you destroy yourself as well.
  • Memorable part: Ðoãn Sanh and Triệu Khang rolled the dice. Triệu Khang had five chances to win the game; otherwise, he would have to drink the poison. However, everytime he got a winning hand, he was allowed to ask Ðoãn Sanh a question. Ðoãn Sanh slowly revealed all the answers:
    1. Ðoãn Sanh's real identity
    2. how he was able to survive after the shooting incidence
    3. all of the steps in ruining Triệu Khang's family
    4. Vũ Kiệt was a collaborator in the vengeful plan
    5. Hạ Băng's real identity
  • Favorite part: The last 2 hours towards the ending: so many twists and secrets were revealed. The part that Hạ Băng and Bảo Vy pointed the gun at each other in front of Vũ Kiệt was nerve-breaking, and the ending scene said it all: it gave me such a deep lasting impression.
  • Unreasonable parts:
    • Vũ Kiệt lied to the court that Triệu Khang did not try to kill him. Triệu Khang was almost released from the trial. Suddenly, a mob of people stopped the judge by accusing Triệu Khang of some crime that he committed years ago! Give me a break! How could a court almost set somebody free then immediately sentenced him to death based on some vague accusations and evidences? What kind of justice is that?
    • Tô Nhật Khanh fell for a younger man (eek, he's about twenty years younger than she is) just because he looked exactly like Ðoãn Sanh two decades ago. I understand that you can fall in love with a replicate of your lover, but it's different in her case. She was guilty: she abandoned him and the child she had with him and pushed him off the wall; any thought of him almost scared her to death, so how could she fall in love with a look-alike Ðoãn Sanh? Does not make any sense to me at all!

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