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Frankie Lam (Lâm Văn Long)

  • aka Dior or Noodle
  • Birthdate: December 19, 1967 (Year of the Goat)
  • Favorite Colors: Blue
  • First series that I saw him: The Challenge of Life (Người Nơi Biên Giới)
  • My favorite Frankie's series: The Challenge of Time (Thien Ha Cua Long), co-starring Maggie Siu (Thieu My Ky), Gigi Lai (Le Tu) and Francis Ng (Ngo Tran Vu). His character is outspoken, innocent and kind. Memorable part: (the ending scene) Maggie and Frankie met on the train. The plot is a little similar to an old series that had Alex Man (Van Tu Luong) and Dodo Cheng (Trinh Du Linh); I could not recall the English or Vietnamese title.
  • He's married to Kenix Kwok (Quách Khả Doanh). Good luck and best wishes to the couple :)
  • Frankie is one actor that has such a "baby face." I don't think he can ever get old!

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