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Deric Wan (Ôn Thiện Luân)

  • Birthdate: November 18, 1964 (Year of the Dragon)
  • Favorite color: black, white
  • Another actor with a warm singing voice
  • First series that I saw him: Blood of Good and Evil (Giọt Máu Thiện Ác) and immediately fell in love with his character and acting. This is also one of my favorite series. The other series that I like him is Vengeance (Vòng Lửa Hoa Hồng). For villain roles, he did an awesome job in Looking Back in Anger (Nghĩa Bất Dung Tình) and Breaking Point (Đời Không Nuối Tiếc) .
  • He got such a babyish face and super nice teeth :). I prefer him in really short military hair.

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