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Amy Kwok (Quách Ái Minh)

  • Birthdate: 9/26/1967
  • Miss HongKong 1991
  • Chinese Name: Guo Ai Ming
  • Education: Electrical Engineering at California State University
  • First saw Amy in Ambition (Nụ Hôn Nghiệp Chướng). She played two roles of identical twins: one being sociable, talkative and careless while the other being quiet, shy and mature.
  • My favorite Amy's series: The Link (Thiên Luân), where she looked the most beautiful with her long hair. No offense to Amy's fans here, but it looks like she lost a lot of weight nowadays, and her hair was too short; the thought of her being anorexic really shivered me. I saw the cover of Greed of Man II (Thế Kỹ Ðại Chiến), and I do not like her hairstyle at all. Maybe that's why I did not rent the series yet! :-)
  • Sean Lau (Lưu Thanh Vân) is her "better half" in real life.

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