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Misc questions/info


Are you done with this site?
Nope, never! I still have tons of series sitting on the shelves screaming "watch me!" I am behind on coding/uploading many images that I already captured.

Why did you create a website on Felix Wong?
Well, he is my favorite actor, and I already saw many of his series. The thought of him leaving TVB inspired me to gather all the materials that I've been collecting for many years and present them on these web pages. I would like to preserve the memories of his hard and excellent works throughout his acting career.

How did you create the site?
As simple as it can, with plain HTML using Notepad. I enjoy typing all the little codes and brackets, etc... I feel much more accomplished by designing it from scratch then using a fancy generator. I "borrowed" some javascript codes from The JavaScript Source, and the Web template was created by Iron Spider. Just in case you haven't noticed yet, I usually did a good job at crediting the source that I borrowed the materials, so I expect that you will do the same if you find something interesting on this site. Just send a note to, and I will be happy to share the info!

You made a mistake, or the information is not correct!
Won't be surprised to hear that! (I'm just a normal human being, not mutant like some others :-) J/K). Please e-mail me if anything is wrong or not current (for example, stars' significant others; we all know that celebrities change girlfriends/boyfriends more often than changing their clothes) :-).... I appreciate your help. Also, I do not know Chinese, so I will probably be the last person on earth about "current news."

I have something to add to your page.
What are you waiting for? Come on, share the info! If you wish to add a section, review, link, images or any other suggestions to my page, feel free to contact me as well.

Why don't you do a complete review on all the series?
-I do not want to reveal the plot or the ending though you might see some reviews with detailed story line or get some hints from the characters' analysis.
-Depends on my mood at the writing time, I just go on ramblings....:-)

Do you have a life besides surfing the net?
Definitely. I have a full-time work and a wonderful husband. I enjoy talking on the phone and chatting on IM with my sisters, my parents and my friends for hours. I love cross-stitching, travelling, eating, sleeping, and of course watching TV series!

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