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-Memories of Barbara
-Barbara Yung
-Barbara Forever
-Barbara's Memories
-Blast to the Past

Barbara Yung (Ôn Mỹ Linh)

    • Born: 5/7/1959 - Deceased: May 14-1985
    • Began acting career in 1982?
    • First saw Barbara in Legend of Condor Heroes (Anh Hùng Xạ Ðiêu). She played the cute and mischievous Hoàng Dung next to my beloved Felix as Quách Tĩnh. I then saw her in New Adventures of Chor Lau Heung (Sở Lưu Hương Truyền Kỳ) along with Miu Kiu Wai. It took me forever to determine which guy looks better with her. My final decision: she would make a cute couple with either one of them, so it's a draw, and she could have both of them. ;-)
    • Unfortunately, she dated Kent Tong/Thang Chấn Nghiệp instead of the other four handsome and talented tigers.
    • At the peak of her career, she committed suicide.
    • Like one fan mentioned before, "Barbara is a true TV jewel that was lost." Huhu.... :-(

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