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Aaron Kwok (Quách Phú Thành)

  • Birthdate: October 26, 1965 (Year of the Snake)
  • Horoscope: Scorpio
  • Favorite color: black, white and blue
  • He began as a background dancer on TVB
  • Began acting career in 1984 but became very successful in his singing career
  • Belongs to "Four Sky Kings of Cantopop"/"Tứ Ðại Thiên Vương" with Leon Lai (Lê Minh), Hacken Lee (Lý Hac Cần), and (Trương Học Hữu).
  • His voice sounds pretty similar to the Vietnamese singer Ðon Hồ
  • My favorite Aaron's series: Liệt Hõa Ân Tình. His character is so innocent and sometimes even dumb :-). Poor thing! Gigi and he make a cute on-screen couple. Memorable part: Aaron and Gigi were singing and playing the piano in the hospital.

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